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The terminals of this kada (bracelet) are in the form of two confronting makara heads, a mythical sea creature which resembles a water crocodile. The jewel is encrusted with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sardonyxes as well as ornamented with a white ground enamel. This color palette of the clearly-executed enamel suggests it was made in Jaipur, where productions such as these were a specialty of the 19th and early 20th century.

A repoussed and incised makara head Indian silver bracelet. From S. India, probably Madras. Late 19th century, I think.
In the Hindu religion the makara is an aquatic mythical creature, a guardian of doorways and thresholds.

This particularly beautiful bracelet is of gilded (gold-plated) silver. It is in two parts that are hollow and hinged, coming together with a screw mechanism.

The bracelet is a fine example of South Indian silver work, production of which centred on Madras.

Comprising chased silver sheet, it has two fierce makara head terminals. Remarkably, each of the two halves comprises another six makara heads each disgorging the next head.

Between the principal makaras, in their gaping mouths, is a magical, round jewel decorated in high relief with floral motifs. The jewel is surmounted by a finial that hides a screw that keeps the two halves of the bracelet together, and this is topped with a cabochon ruby or similar.

The eyeballs of the two main makaras also are mounted with cabochon red stones.

The screwing mechanism that holds the two halves of the bracelet together screws tightly and firmly.

This example is particularly fine with the attention to detail that has been paid to its construction.

Utracht (1997, p.254) illustrates a very similar example in silver, and comments that such bracelets also were made in gold and that they were given by rajas to their male subjects as a mark of favour. Indeed, examples in gold were made exclusively for royal households. They were of course also made for the colonial European market and became popular with wealthier Victorian women.

The example here is in excellent condition and is stable and wearable. The gilding has mellowed with time and has an attractive softness.

7 reviews for Makara bracelet (kada

    Aman sharma
    15 March 2024
    I am follow this guy on Instagram for last three years and I am waiting for this Bracelet to list on Website. Price is little bit high but product is prime I am also jewellers. I ask to my many manufacturer but nobody may so I am Order here. Thank you
    Aman sharma
    15 March 2024
    Makara bracelet (kada photo review
    Aman sharma
    15 March 2024
    Rare piece, I can't find anywhere, but now I got it (₹68000₹) thankyou sourabh bhai you are so polite❤️
    Makara bracelet (kada photo review
    Aryan shikhawat
    15 March 2024
    Price is doesn't matter if you know history of this Bracelet (kada ) jay shivaji maharaj
    Makara bracelet (kada photo review
    Ankit jadiyal
    15 March 2024
    After blessing, Order admin contact me and he is asking me for some advance amount for make on order. I'm giving you 5000₹ advance. As worried but I paid remaining amount after two days. I receive my Bracelet seriously awesome
    Makara bracelet (kada photo review
    Rahul singh
    15 March 2024
    It's come with Antiq box. I really love it.
    Makara bracelet (kada photo review
    14 March 2024
    This is a historical bracelet If someone want, then prizes doesn't matter I really love this antique bracelet I really proud this guy who made this
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